So March was… Madness

Yikes!  We fell into that trap when you start a new blog and then you get too busy to produce content for it.  New baby for Redbeard (me) and a new baby on the way for Stoli is just the tip of that iceberg.  We won’t bother you with the details just please know that we’ll be back with fun new projects soon… ish.  If you’re keeping up with us please comment below with your favorite parent, kid, sibling etc. moment from the last few weeks.  Here’s mine…

It’s become tradition for my oldest kid to have lunch at “The Train Place” for his birthday.  He reminds us several time throughout the year to make sure we don’t forget.  It’s one of those 50’s style burger joints with large electric trains that ride around on the walls that actually deliver your food.  Very much a kid’s paradise.  We also make it a point to go see a play at the children’s theatre nearby beforehand.  This is where the good moment comes.  My lovely wife has worked with this theatre group for several years on and off stage so we know all the players and backstages pretty well, but more importantly they all know and love the birthday boy.  It’s been three years running now that they have given him a pretty special present in a very theatrical manner.  Typically at the end of every performance, all the characters introduce themselves as real people and answer questions from the audience.  This is where the magic happens.  After the introductions they point to the birthday boy and let the whole audience know that he is a special guest and direct the crowd in a booming rendition of Happy Birthday.

I managed to get my camera out just in time to catch the last bit, although out of focus.


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