The Pitching… What say you?

Time for a little Royals talk Stoli…

Last season we were all pleasantly surprised by the way Danny Duffy took to the mound.  Unexpected as it was, we’ve come to count on it as a just they way he is now… a clean, effective, bear suit swagging pitcher.  Is it wrong to feel that way this year about our veteran.  Enter Vargas.

VargasI can admit it, I forgot about this guy when he was away healing.  Is he that surprise $20 bill you found in an old coat pocket that’s been in the closet for who knows how long?  Ok, let’s give him some more credit than that, a $20 bill and the ticket stub to the best concert you ever went to.  Oh how the memories start flooding back.  And better yet, we don’t have to listen to the album in an attempt to recapture the moment.  It seems we’ve got the real thing back.  Vargas is a smart, cool headed pitcher and if he continues performing as he has in his first two starts then we’re really onto something.

Next on the list of pitching pros is Kennedy.  Three games pitched so far and every one better than the last.  His Easter day outing went for 8 innings and he hunted down 10 Strike Outs!  I’ve never been at ease with Kennedy but at the same time I can’t make a good argument against him.  Starting to feel like I’m crossing my fingers for no reason.

Now for the catch.  You would think these three dudes would make a guy feel all nice and fuzzy inside.  Hell, our division is so ass backward in the standings right now it would be easy to start getting confident.   I know it’s early, but if we aren’t allowed to speculate on sports what kind of country is this anyway?  But the more I do start thinking in the positive, the more I get this tinge of what if.  What if… we still had the ACE.


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