Welcome to Farterhood! Our names are Redbeard and Stoli. We are both creatives living in the Midwest, figuring out this thing called life. We first met before either of us were married or started families. When we originally started hanging out, Redbeard was working as an expert craftsman at a professional theater company in downtown KC and Stoli was finishing up a degree in Music, Acting and Scenic Design. It was through our love for creativity and the arts that we realized we had stumbled across a friendship that would last forever. 10 years later, we are both married, have families and have found ourselves in the “professional” world. Redbeard is a curriculum developer for a local university while Stoli entered the world of finance. Even through all these changes however, we continue to encourage each other in our individual creativity in addition to working jointly on various projects.

We have often talked of starting some sort of documentation of our adventures, even briefly delving into the art of vlogging before any kids made their entrance, but never purposed to make it official.

Well that changes now.

Our goal in maintaining this blog is three-fold.

  1. Document our personal lives in addition to the unique concept of how are lives are intertwined.
  2. Give a glimpse into what it’s like being dad’s in this crazy world.
  3. Produce and display our artistic passions in a public forum.

We hope that through this blog we provide both entertainment and education. We also hope to give an honest view of the struggles and victories we experience from day to day.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our little world and hope we can bring a little bit of joy to your day.


Redbeard and Stoli